Yale changes dean’s excuse policy for athletes | Yale Daily News

Interesting news from one of the nation’s most academically rigorous schools.

If varsity athletes return to campus from an athletic event after midnight, they will now be able to obtain a dean’s excuse for in-class obligations taking place that day, according to Yale College Council President Sal Rao ’20.

In response to student-athletes’ concerns about the inconsistency in how dean’s excuses used to be given out, the YCC announced last Monday that the policy had been standardized and tweaked. The previous policy allowed for deans to grant an excuse only when a student-athlete was physically off campus at the exact time of an in-class obligation such as an exam or a presentation.

“The new policy is an adjustment needed for varsity athletes to have the ability to turn in their best work,” Mia Grillo ’21, a forward on the women’s soccer team, told the News. “There have been times where I have struggled to meet deadlines after traveling with the team and have been reluctant to ask for a dean’s excuse knowing such a request would be improbable, resulting in turning in work I didn’t feel good about. I hope this will allow student athletes to focus in times of competition without compromising our performance on academic assignments.”

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