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Traveling abroad has become more and more common among college athletic teams at all levels. Colleges cite many reasons for the rise in travel, including team bonding, exposure to other cultures, learning, and, of course, recruiting. This adds a new layer to the job done by collegiate operations staffers.

Though most students opt to travel abroad during the summer months, student-athletes on the men’s basketball and hockey teams journeyed across the world to compete this fall.

For the players on the teams, the trips were about more than just the competitions. When abroad, the Bulldogs paired their time on the court and in the rink with tours around cities and visits to cultural and educational sights. This fall, the men’s basketball and hockey teams visited China and Ireland, respectively. Though the trips pose logistical challenges for sports administrators, including the newly appointed Director of Athletics Vicky Chun, they hope to facilitate opportunities for Yale’s teams to travel internationally.

“Traveling abroad is important for our student-athletes, both because it allows them to forge stronger bonds with their teammates, and also because of the educational and cultural experience [that these trips] provide,” Chun told the News during an interview last month. “It is one of my goals for student-athletes to get the same opportunities that are presented to Yale students who are not athletes. I want our student-athletes to be able to experience the world, just like other students do during their years here.”

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