October 14, 2019

WSSU athletics bracing for budget cuts | JournalNow.com

From the outside looking in, it appears Winston-Salem State has everything rolling along nicely. Its athletics department has good facilities, quality coaches and scholarships galore. But it’s not as rosy a picture when it comes to the budget, which is likely to be cut in the coming months.

Athletics director Tonia Walker and chancellor Elwood Robinson of Winston-Salem State are well aware of cuts that will come and have come from being a state-supported school. Those cuts, however, are not coming exclusively to athletics.

Robinson, who can be seen during football season on the sidelines cheering on the Rams, is a big proponent of what athletics can do for a university.

The reality, however, is that Robinson will have to make some cuts as it relates to the school’s overall budget.

In athletics, Walker has already made some tough decisions.

“I would say that the budget cuts are not specific to athletics,” Walker said. “It’s all across campus, and unfortunately athletics has to take a piece of that cut.”

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