January 23, 2019

Will baggage screening become standard at hotels? | WDEF.com

One of the many lingering questions in the wake of this week’s massacre in Las Vegas is how shooter Stephen Paddock managed to bring dozens of weapons to his room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay casino without arousing suspicion.

According to security experts, no U.S. hotels currently screen guests’ bags, which airline passengers have grudgingly accepted as part of the travel experience — as have concert goers and fans attending professional and college sports games. Though the hotel industry has discussed the idea for years, hoteliers have been reluctant to endorse it for a variety of logistical and legal reasons.

“We have talked about that, but we haven’t had a significant enough call to action within the industry to do so,” said Stephen Barth, a hospitality industry consultant who also is a professor at the University of Houston. “The government supports screening at the airport. There hasn’t been any such support offered, that I’m aware of, to the hotel industry at even the larger hotels.”

Threat analyst Jeff Moore, who studies security issues at hotels, expects increasing pressure on hotels to improve security after the Las Vegas shooting despite the challenges it entails, such as potential lawsuits over profiling.

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