We’re here for you!

by Jack Warren, AthleticOps.com editor

We are so happy that you’ve chosen to stop by AthleticOps.com. I sincerely hope that this site and the resources contained here will provide encouragement, ideas, support, direction, connections, and many more resources that will help you do your job in the operations arena.

We plan to serve a wide variety of people in the operations area, including those that are sport specific, those that have department level responsibilities, and those that have specific responsibilities within a department. Additionally, this is not just for schools. If your job is for a summer team or perhaps a training facility, we’ll have some great information for you as well.

I’m sure you’ll understand that our shelves are not yet “fully stocked”, but we decided to get rolling with what we have and keep adding continuously. Please send you feedback to help us make this site, the podcasts, and the resources exactly what you need it to be to help you help your organization to have championship caliber athletic operations!

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