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Not mentioned specifically in this article is the work that Operations staffers and other athletic and school personnel are required to do to make an event like this happen. Many pieces must fall into place to make for a successful event of this type.

MARSHALL — Southwest Minnesota State University and the community of Marshall are anticipating an influx of visitors as SMSU hosts the NCAA Division II Central Region Tournament on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

While it isn’t about the money — it’s more of an honor to host the 8-team event — the estimated value of having a tournament like this has an economic impact in the $200,000 range, according to Darin Rahm, Marshall Convention & Visitors Bureau director.

“When it comes to economic impact, it is tough to put an exact science to it, but I feel that since we have so many great local options to dine at, I know that many teams take advantage of our local venues and hospitality,” Rahm said. “We also have a great mix of traditional businesses like Pizza Ranch McDonalds, Subway and Applebee’s.”

Using a special impact calculator, Rahm estimated that the visitors will contribute nearly $30,000 to the economy in food and beverage sales.

“There can also be a significant impact to non-traditional tournament businesses also,” he said. “We know gas stations, grocery stores, liquor stores and other area businesses can be called upon during tournament down times.”

Transportation sales — especially from people filling up with gas before leaving town — are estimated to be around $11,000.

“Anytime you bring visitors to Marshall, there’s an economic boost because there are people who wouldn’t normally travel here,” SMSU Athletic Director Chris Hmielewski said.

With seven visiting teams and roughly 25 players, coaches and other personnel per team, along with any supportive friends or relatives, that’s a lot of extra people shopping at our stores, eating at our restaurants and staying in our hotels, Hmielewski said.

“It’s a big event,” he said. “And like anything we host, we take great pride in putting on a great championship. We’re very proud of our SMSU volleyball team and we’re honored to host this event as part of their accomplishments.”

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