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While we tend to focus on collegiate sports, we often overlook the unsung heroes that make high school athletic events possible. Here’s a terrific look at some folks that play key roles in making events and organizations run smoothly at several Southern California schools.

High school athletics is an ingrained piece of Americana. Across the country the hopes, dreams and skills of thousands of prep athletes are on display every week with games in the biggest cities and the smallest rural towns. The pride of campuses and communities is played out both in large stadiums before impressive crowds and on patchwork fields with just family and friends watching.

The coaches and stars are often well-known local figures, some of the more successful even become quasi-celebrities. But making sure the players reach the fields, keeping them safe and healthy, getting spectators through the gates, generating the revenue necessary to allow the programs to run efficiently and handling a plethora of additional tasks, big and small—those necessities are in the hands of a small army of administrators, volunteers, parents and friends, without whom, the shows never happen.

In meeting some of these relatively “invisible” difference makers, one is struck by the surprising number of similarities in their personalities and purposes. They are giving people, unfailingly putting students and their institutions first, loyal to a fault, multi-talented and often motivated by a higher cause. Most of all, they are simply good people, hard-working, unpretentious, the kind you would be happy to have living next door.

Here is a quick look at six of those unsung heroes who, behind-the-scenes, represent many others like themselves, making the world of high school sports turn on San Diego’s North Coast.

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