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Of course, collegiate athletic teams don’t really have the option to make the same kind of decision that a professional team does. However, this article will give some good insight into the factors that go into a decision like this.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) The Tennessee Titans are out of town this week, and veteran linebacker Brian Orakpo couldn’t be happier.

The franchise decided once the NFL schedule came out in mid-April to spend the week between back-to-back road games against the Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers in Arizona.

The main reason? Cut down the travel to keep players a bit fresher for the final month of the season.

It’s a decision made by lots of NFL teams over the years. New England spent the week after beating Denver in Colorado for high-altitude training at the Air Force Academy before playing in Mexico City last month – and winning. Philadelphia spent the past week in the Los Angeles area after a loss in Seattle – and then beat the Rams.

”I totally agree with what we’re doing because the jet lag is vicious,” Orakpo said. ”There’s definitely a setback, and also the time difference, getting used to the time difference on the West Coast, there’s all these different elements. It really helps if we just stayed out there, not have to worry so much traveling back and forth because it’s a lot of mileage, especially when you’re trying to play at a high level in a football game.”

Spending a week away from home during the season is something that neither the Titans nor coach Mike Mularkey had ever done. The Titans, who relocated to Tennessee from Houston in 1997, are among the six NFL teams yet to play in London, and they left Nashville for training camp only once in 21 seasons.

The motivation is simple.

”We’re trying to eliminate distractions,” Philadelphia coach Doug Pederson said. ”It’s hard when you’ve got back-to-back West Coast trips like this, to be able to fly back home and then practice and come back out this way at the end of the week. So, try to keep the week as normal as possible for the guys, for the coaches.”

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