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Game scheduling is a task that quite often falls into the bucket of the Director of Operations. As you can see from this inside peek at how Iowa State Me’s Basketball and Director of Operations, Micah Byars take care of this function, there are many factors to be considered.

The process of creating a college basketball schedule can be a nightmare.

First, you have to consider conference games. The Big 12, for example, plays 18 conference games. For the 2017-18 season, league play began on Dec. 29, and the final regular season games were on March 3.

Then, you have to factor in other commitments. For Iowa State, that would include the Big 12/SEC challenge, the annual Cy-Hawk rivalry game with Iowa and the Hy-Vee Classic against Northern Iowa or Drake.

When it’s all said and done, the staff is left with about nine games to schedule on their own. Then, the 351 Division I men’s basketball programs all trying to schedule their games on their own time, meaning things can get messy.

“You’re looking for a match on a certain date with money and players and all of these things that just match up perfect,” said Micah Byars, Iowa State’s director of men’s basketball operations. “When you think about the total scope of what scheduling actually means, it’s amazing that any games get scheduled at all. So many factors have to work.”

With only a handful of games available to schedule, it’s up to Byars and the coaching staff to develop a non-conference slate that accomplishes several things.

Another factor that makes scheduling so tough is that it’s often done over a year out. When it’s done that far out, teams can be completely different than they were when the schedule was made.

“It’s really kind of a crapshoot, especially in this day and age with transfers,” Byars said. “Somebody that we scheduled last year could have a drastic change in their roster one way or the other.

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