Spotlight On: Kayla Scott, Stephen F. Austin Women’s Basketball

Kayla Scott
Director of Operations
Stephen F. Austin Women’s Basketball
Hometown: Azle, Texas
Education: Howard Payne University
Offical bio
Twitter: @kescott12

What do the first two hours of your day look like?

I am definitely an early bird. Typically, I will wake up anywhere between 5:00-5:30am and hit the gym to get a workout in. I have zero energy throughout the day without my morning workout. Then I head home to shower, cook breakfast, read my Bible, and then head to the office to start my work day. I generally will catch up on emails first thing.

Name one go-to resource that helps you with your duties. (could be website, app, video, book, organization, etc.)

Teamworks. It is such a valuable resource when it comes to communication, schedules, and travel arrangements. It saves me so much time and energy (and paper).

If you could go back to your first day on the job and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?

Having a Plan A and Plan B isn’t enough. Always have a Plan C as well.

Name one new thing you want to accomplish this year?

I would love to get our players’ eating as best as we possibly can while on the road. It is difficult at times without having a nutritionist on staff harping on them about how important it is. I feel like I can do a better job with filling this role at times considering I plan and order all our meals

As you look at the athletic operations field, what is one area that is growing/changing the most?

Technology most definitely plays a huge role in what we do. It becomes easier and easier each year to communicate and stay organized with all the apps and programs you can use these days.

Best career or work advice you ever received?

Always be a servant leader. Christ was the ultimate servant leader, and it is my job as a Christian and as a DOBO to be a servant leader as well.

First event, person, or job that sparked your interest in this field of work.

My few years of coaching collegiately at the JUCO and NCAA DII levels, and the experience I had having to juggle both coaching and operations roles made me realize that my heart, passions, and strengths truly lie in operations rather than in strictly coaching. I LOVE what I do, and it is a blessing to go to “work” every day.


Feature photo courtesy Richard Spraggens, Azle Sports Photography

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