Spotlight On: Chip Baker, Florida State Baseball

Chip Baker is a popular man on the Florida State campus. Not only because of what he’s accomplished, but because of an infectious and magnetic personality. I’d almost go as far as to say he’s a cult hero in Tallahassee (almost). He’s was the third base coach for the Seminoles for a long time before taking over the position as the Director of Baseball Operations for an even longer time. Want to get a peek behind the curtain as to what his day is like? Take a look at this short video from FSU. (Seriously — watch it!) Coach Baker is a member of the Circle of Gold at FSU — and when you hear him talk about it, you’ll understand why he feels so honored.

Chip considers one of his biggest responsibilities is as a mediator. As he puts it, “I like to bring people together who can solve problems.” And solve ’em he does. And avoid them too where he can. He tries to make the experience for the coaches and student-athletes as seamless as possible.

Read Chip’s official bio at the Florida State website.

Follow Chip Baker on Twitter. (you’ll be glad you did!)

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