Spotlight On: Brooks Armstrong, Jacksonville University Football

Brooks Armstrong
Director of Operations/High School Relations
Jacksonville University Football
Hometown: Mission Viejo, California
Education: Oregon State
Official bio
Twitter: @BrooksArmstrong

What do the first two hours of your day look like?

My first two hours varies depending on the time of the year. During the season, we have early morning practices. Once I get into the office, I set snacks out for the guys to get some fuel before practice. After that, I go out to watch practice and play music for the guys. During the off season, I check emails and work on next year’s travel, along with my to do lists.

Name one go-to resource that helps you with your duties.

Google Drive. Everything I ever do is on my Google Drive. Anything from hotel contracts to camp room lists to our roster, it’s all on my drive. It allows me to gain access to information or my work documents from any computer or my phone at any time no matter where I am. Anything I have ever done, whether it be at Jacksonville or any other school, is on that drive. So, if I need to reference something, it’s all there. I don’t know what I would do without it.

If you could go back to your first day on the job and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?

Don’t say no to an opportunity that comes to you. No matter what it is, just do it and learn from it. When I was just starting out in football, I would only do offensive tasks or things that I liked doing. Later on, I started doing whatever came my way which is how I exposed and became interested in football operations.

Name one new thing you want to accomplish this year?

One of the biggest things I want to accomplish this year is to become better at utilizing Photoshop to create edits for our program and recruits. Photoshop edits are becoming more and more important for recruiting and promoting programs. I relatively new at using Photoshop, so I really would like to become more proficient using this great software.

As you look at the athletic operations field, what is one area that is growing/changing the most?

The one area I see growing/changing is recruiting, especially with the early signing period. Student athletes can now take official visits earlier and sign earlier. Because of this, football programs are requiring larger recruiting staffs. Now, larger schools cannot get away with only coaches recruiting these athletes, they need a full staff behind them to help.

Best career or work advice you ever received?

The best advice I ever received was never say no. I made reference to the same advice I would give myself on my first day. However, I feel that this is very important advice. By being open to new ideas and tasks, I have learned much more than I did in the beginning. Often times, the easy way out is to say no, but once you accept the challenge and figure out how to get it done, you can learn a lot from the experience which will help you out in the long run.

First event, person, or job that sparked your interest in this field of work.

I would have to say Dan Van De Riet, aka DVD. He was the DFO at Oregon State while I was a student there. Coach Riley gave me an opportunity to work with the offensive line while I was in school. From time to time, I would help DVD with the football operations for Oregon State. That is when I realized that I really wanted to be an operations guy. He also gave me my first job in the operations field at Oregon State and Nebraska.

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