Spotlight On: Brian Johnson, Alabama Women’s Basketball

Brian Johnson
Director of Operations
Alabama Women’s Basketball
Hometown: Colonial Heights, Virginia
Education: University of Tennessee
Official bio
Twitter: @b12johnson

What do the first 2 hours of your day look like?

I like to try to get a workout in around 6 am to start the day off on a positive note before getting to my office. After that I make sure my email inbox is clean/empty, unless it involves something that I am waiting to hear back on. I will make sure our daily schedule is the most up to date (however, with new time demand rules, last minute changes have been minimal) and lastly I will make sure Coach is reminded of anything out of the ordinary on her schedule.

Name one go-to resource that helps with your duties.

Like many other programs we use Teamworks for all our scheduling and communication within our program and it truly makes a lot of my duties easier and helps us all be more efficient.

One new thing you want to accomplish within the next year.

Two things I am currently working on are locker room updates and updating a lot of graphics within our facilities. We had a lot of roster turnover this offseason and need to take down all our outdated graphics/pictures and update with our new faces.

What area is growing/changing the most in athletic operations?

Social media, graphic design, and video content is rapidly changing and growing within all sports including women’s basketball. Social media is free exposure and it truly helps engage fans and also allows recruits an inside look to athletic programs. The ability to create these graphics and “all access” videos is a unique skill that all video & operations personnel must have today.

Best career or work advice I have ever received.

Two pieces of advice I think about everyday:

  • Control/worry about what you can control. No matter the job that we do, sometimes things are just out of our control and we just have to be able to act fast to fix a problem if one arises.
  • Do not be afraid to delegate duties/responsibilities. No matter how organized you are there just simply aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything yourself. There are great video/assistant ops, managers, GA’s, student assistants involved in athletics; give those individuals tasks and responsibilities and allow them to help you.

First person that sparked your interest in this field of work.

When I was a student manager at the University of Tennessee, I had a great relationship with the DOBO, Michael Beaumont. I learned a lot from him and I saw firsthand everything that goes in to athletic operations and I instantly knew that I wanted to pursue this as my career.


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