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Take a peek inside a big time football program — in this case, Penn State — and see what typical staffing is looking like these days.

Penn State’s 2018 coaching staff is complete.

James Franklin announced Friday that David Corley, the wide receivers coach at Army is 2017, is Penn State’s new running backs coach.

Corley replaces Charles Huff, who was the special teams coordinator/RB coach before joining Joe Moorhead at Mississippi State.

Last month, Franklin named Phil Galiano as the new special teams coordinator. Corley is the 10th coach now allowed under NCAA rules. Corley is also the third former college quarterback on staff, with Franklin and new offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Ricky Rahne.

More hiring: One thing I was struck with this college football postseason is the size and scope of a major-college program. It’s not just players (105 of them) and coaches, but support staff upon support staff upon support staff.

Watching the wheels turn in the bowels of University of Phoenix Stadium after the Fiesta Bowl, you’d have thought not only Franklin but his wife, Sumi, were at the helm of a small army.

Consider the number of men in matching team khaki-and-logo outfits – it seemed like there were 60 for Georgia and nearly that many for Alabama – crowding the sideline during the national championship game.

(Former Donegal High School running back Blaine Miller is, it turns out, a Defensive Quality Control Assistant for Georgia.)

In the context of all this comes the news that Michael Villagrana, who had been Penn State’s recruiting coordinator, has followed Moorhead to Mississippi State, where he will be Director of Recruiting.

Leaving aside for now the issue of another staffer leaving Happy Valley for Starkville, Miss., what does a recruiting coordinator do? Unclear, in light of that fact that at Penn State, two assistant coaches have recruiting coordinator in their job title.

And beyond those two, there are two recruiting coordinators (or will be, when Villagrana is replaced), two assistant recruiting coordinators, a Chief of Staff, a Director of Player Personnel and an assistant of same, a Director of Football Operations and, my personal favorite, a Special Teams Recruiting Assistant for Quality Control.

This is not to suggest that Penn State is unusual in this regard or that Franklin is a psychopath, as he called himself during a panel discussion at the American Football Coaches’ Association convention last week.

Alabama, Georgia, Clemson and Ohio State all have staffs as big as Penn State’s or bigger. Ohio State’s includes a Director of Student Well Being. Clemson has a Director of Nutrition and a Performance Chef. Alabama has six people listed at Football Analyst.

And, of course, a head coach who is the highest-paid public employee in America.

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