Ops Nation Road Tour 2019 kicking off

Ops Nation podcast host, Jack Warren, kicks off the Ops Nation Road Tour 2019 with a visit to Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. On this particular visit, Jack will be visiting with:

  • Daniel Brown, Director of Baseball Operations
  • Chris Casola, Associate AD for Student-Athlete Welfare and Performance
  • Ian McCaw, Director of Athletics
  • Scott Brown, Head Baseball Coach

You can expect some great audio content to come out of this visit to Lynchburg.

During all of 2019, Jack will hit the road to visit with schools and organizations in varying sizes and regions — and with different missions and resources. All along the way, Jack will document it all with his microphone and camera.

What we hope to do is feature the schools, organizations, and people who’s job it is to support the student-athlete. In the process, we hope to provide support, encouragement, and resources for others looking to do the same.

Please follow along as we move through the year. We’ll document it all and let you know where we’ll be next at AthelticOps.com. And you can follow our journeys on Twitter with the hashtag, #OpsNationRoadTour. Hope to see you in your town soon.

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