Thanks for your willingness to do an interview for the Ops Nation podcast. Ops Nation focuses on those who support the student-athlete. In this interview, we’d like to focus on you and the particular work you do to support the student-athlete.

The following information should help you prepare for and schedule the interview.

The whole interview should last 18-23 minutes and can be done over the phone at a time that is convenient for you. We’ll cover your path to your current job, an overview of your school and program/department, what you do in your current position, and perhaps some of what you do in the areas of efficiency or effectiveness. We may also get some of your thoughts on career enhancement or advancement.

If applicable to your position (e.g., director of operations, video coordinators, , training, academics, equipment, player development, etc. ), we may also spend some time on resource recommendations. IF that applies to you, then we may talk about some of the following:

  • one or two other resources that helps you — video, book, class, clinic, person, websites, apps, etc.
  • one efficiency or productivity tip

Additionally, I’m looking for a good story. It could be a story about a particularly tricky, complicated, or unusual situation that required an extra bit of creativity or resourcefulness on your part to complete the task or perhaps you just have a compelling or interesting story (Check out Cody Cejda’s Bo Schembechler story!). What we’re looking for here is a story that really conveys some aspect of your job or career. If you cannot think of a story or would rather not share one, don’t sweat it — we’ll skip that part.

And, please — if you’re working on a project or with an organization that you’d like to talk about, make sure to tell me before we start the interview. This is a good chance to get the word out.

It is very easy to schedule an interview. Here is a link to my recording schedule. Just follow the directions and you can grab whatever time works best for you. I will receive a notification and you will get a couple of reminders. Schedule at your convenience.

Please put the best number to contact you into the schedule form. Skype, land line, or cell phone will do just fine. I will call you at the time you select.

PLEASE NOTE: Recently, Skype has made a subtle change that has caused some phone calls to be blocked. Skype calls will often now show up on your called ID as “Unknown Caller”, which some people have blocked. If you could either use a landline or ensure that unknown callers are not blocked on your cell phone, we should be fine.

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