ON47: Chris Mongilia, Princeton Men’s Basketball

What is it about these guys from JERSEY? Just the kind of guys you’d like to hang with. Chris Mongilia is one of those Jersey guys — and definitely a guy with whom you wouldn’t mind sharing a pizza. New Jersey born and bred and now working his magic at Princeton (in New Jersey!). Chris is the Director of Operations for the Princeton Men’s Basketball team, a post he’s held since 2016.

In this episode, Chris discusses growing up in New Jersey, being the son of a coach, learning from his mistakes, going to team camp at Princeton, his other stops along the way, how the door opened at Princeton, lessons learned from his father, his parents’ reaction to his move, Princeton’s crazy Thanksgiving to Christmas travel schedule, working with boosters, Princeton’s Faculty Fellows, his work on Hard Cuts – A Season Inside, and working with boosters, alumni, and family on the road.

Follow Chris Mongilia on Twitter.
Follow Princeton Men’s Basketball on Twitter.

photo credit: AthleticOps.com

Intro Music: Surf Shimmy Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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