ON41: Allyson Darragh, Northwestern Baseball

This Indianapolis native has been around baseball as long as she can remember. And every time Allyson Darragh attempts to leave the game, it keeps pulling her back. The current manifestation of her baseball passion is housed within the beautiful athletic complex at Northwestern University, where she hopes to help move the Wildcats into the upper echelon of collegiate baseball.

In this episode, Allyson talks about growing up in Indiana, dipping her toe in baseball – then diving in, her involvement in gymnastics, attending St. Mary’s College, helping out with the Notre Dame baseball program for four years, landing the job at Northwestern, Northwestern’s super athletic facilities, the challenge of creating a new position, creating new resources, and leaning on her counterparts to learn the job.

Follow Allyson Darragh on Twitter.
Follow Northwestern Baseball on Twitter.

photo credit: Allyson Darragh

Intro Music: Surf Shimmy Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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