ON40: Stephen Villanueva, Teamworks

Stephen Villanueva had an idea he was destined for a career athletics. Like most of us, though, he had little idea how that would manifest itself. Early on, he took a path similar to many of his counterparts in the industry, working at various responsibilities like equipment and operations. The latest twist, however, saw him move from a collegiate administrative role to a role in industry that has him in support of the collegiate support staff. Such is the way life often works out.

In this episode, Stephen discusses being “born into sports”, his playing career, breaking into athletic support as an equipment manager, his move into football operations, making the move into private industry with his job at Teamworks, his responsibilities at Teamworks, where the industry is going, the grind of the DFO life, and advice for those thinking about going into the field.

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photo credit: Teamworks

Intro Music: Surf Shimmy Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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