ON38: Brad Brown, Army West Point Athletics

Brad Brown grew up in an Army family, works at West Point, and has recently joined the U.S. Army Reserves. Now that’s some dedication to the mission. Brad’s official title these days is Associate Athletic Director of Internal Operations. The structure of athletics at the U.S. Military Academy has recently changed and Brad has been a key player in the new operations.

In this episode, Brad talks about growing up in a military family and what that taught him, studying at the University of New Hampshire, working for Arena Football, moving back to the West Point area with a job for public works and volunteering at West Point Athletics, being hired initially as director of team operations, helping Army West Point Athletics move from a federal entity to a 501 c3, the way things are structured now at Army, his current job responsibilities, his duties as a member of the Army-Navy Steering Committee, and what he does as a member of the board at CEFMA.

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photo credit: Army West Point Athletics

Intro Music: Surf Shimmy Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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