ON21: Dining on the Road

Amy Lefurgy

The Ops Nation podcast takes a bit of a detour today — one that we hope to take frequently. Instead of spending one entire episode talking to and learning about a particular guest, we’re going to tackle a single topic. That topic today is of interest to most everyone listening today. That is, feeding a team while on the road. To help us brainstorm on the topic of dining, we’ve brought in three Ops folks who know a bit about the subject, having learned it like everyone else — under fire. Helping us out today are Eliot Mar, Director of Operations for Seattle University Women’s Basketball, Jill Culbertson, Director of Operations for Cal Women’s Basketball, and Amy Lefurgy, Director of Operations for University of Washington Softball.

Eliot Mar
Jill Culbertson

In this episode our guests discuss surprises they’ve run into while trying to feed their teams, the importance of developing a system, the timing of planning for road trip dining, constant communication with the restaurant manager, backup plans, how Jimmy Johns has become a go-to meal, familiar and predictable vs. novel and unique, Olive Garden as a nice take-out alternative, factoring in risk, the art and importance of negotiating, and other money saving tips.

Resources mentioned:

  • Google Forms – create forms, collect information (great for food orders!)
  • Google Drive – cloud storage for your documents and more
  • Google Sheets — spreadsheets (great for meal ordering and “default meals”)

Websites and restaurants mentioned:

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