ON2: Wayne Welton, Dir Ops-Baseball, Michigan

Welcome to episode number two of Ops Nation, the flagship podcast for AthleticOps.com. For the first two episodes of Ops Nation, we grabbed a couple of the best interviews we’ve ever done over at Top Coach and repackaged them a bit for Ops Nation. You are really going to enjoy this interview.

This episode is mostly about Operations, but it’s also about creative staffing. In the first two episodes of Ops Nation, you get a great idea of what you can add to a program with a little creativity and imagination. It just so happens that both of these first two guest, Larry Bragga and Wayne Welton are on phase 2 (or 3 or 4) of their careers. Enjoy!


Today we’re talking to actor Jeff Daniels’ teammate on the Chelsea (MI) High School baseball team. And, oh yeah, Wayne Welton had 767 wins as the head coach at his alma mater and won a state championship. And he played college baseball for former guest (and former ABCA executive director) Dave Keilitz. And he’s currently the Director of Baseball Operations for former guest Erik Bakich at the University of Michigan. So it looks like we’ve got some things to talk about!

In this episode Coach Welton and I discuss his intial desire to be a landscape architect, the 1991 state championship at Chelsea, the 25th anniversary of the state championship (video here), how relationships are the most important thing in this business, his favorite thing about baseball (practice!), his hiring by former Michigan coach Rich Maloney, his “interview” with Erik Bakich at the Pizza House, his definition of success in his current job, a description of some of his responsibilities as the Ops guy at Michigan, and creativity in staffing. And, of course, with Jack the conversation often turns to food — shout out to Zingerman’s Road House!


  • “I left the best job in high school sports at Chelsea High School.”

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