ON13: Richard Lowe, Middle Tennessee Women’s Basketball

In this episode of Ops Nation, we’re featuring a young man who is on fire! Richard Lowe hails from the Atlanta area, and returned there briefly after his schooling at Middle Tennessee State University. But his alma mater came calling — specifically, the very successful women’s basketball coach at MTSU, Rick Insell. Seems he and Richard hit it off pretty well.

In this episode Richard talks about the newspaper article that first brought him to our attention, what kept him busy as a student at MTSU, working with the Gwinnett Braves, his many jobs and responsibilities in the Atlanta area, trying to understand the mentality of a coach, taking advantage of opportunity, finding ways to give back, how Coach Insell has allowed him to use his creativity, and making sure that all of the details are covered so both teams can focus on the game.

Richard’s recommended app:

  • Teamworks – operations platform for athletic teams and organizations

Richard’s resource recommendation:

  • Newsletter from Brooklyn Kolheim, assistant coach for Michigan Tech Women’s Basketball. Subscribe by sending an email to brookkohlheim at gmail.com.

Richard’s Tip of the Day:

  • Build trust between you and the head coach.

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photo credit: Brent Beerends, Middle Tennessee Athletic Communications

Intro Music: Surf Shimmy Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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