ON1: Larry Bragga, Dir Ops-Baseball, Tennessee Tech

Welcome to our inaugural episode of Ops Nation, the flagship podcast for AthleticOps.com. For episode one, we grabbed one of the best interviews we’ve ever done over at Top Coach and repackaged it a bit for Ops Nation. You are really going to enjoy this interview.

We’re seeing the position of Director of Baseball Operations pop up more and more — and not just in D1 baseball. Seems the idea is really catching on. And after listening to this episode, you may just want to explore the position a little further yourself.

You might consider this Larry Bragga 4.0. Coach Bragga has been a teacher, coach, principal, mayor, and more. But even though he’s now in his seventh decade, none of his titles has ever been “retired”. Larry is like the Energizer Bunny and in this phase of his life — post mayor-ing — his son Matt (head coach at Tennessee Tech University) has put him to work in many capacities. His current job title is Director of Baseball Operations. And just wait until you hear the laundry list (quite literally) of his various responsibilities for Tech Baseball.

This episode is a great primer for the position of Director of Baseball Ops, but also a demonstration of creative staffing — one by which a lot of schools could benefit.

If you’d like to contact Coach Bragga with your questions or perhaps have him speak to your staff or group, just email Larry at lbragga@tntech.edu or give him a call at 931-372-3853.


photo credit: Tennessee Tech University

Intro Music: Surf Shimmy Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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