Montana Grizzlies will forgo director of basketball operations position for 2nd straight year |

Budget shortfalls at many school have led to creative measures to cover operations tasks and responsibilities. Here’s what’s going on with the University of Montana Men’s Basketball program.

MISSOULA — The Montana men’s basketball team will forgo having a director of basketball operations on its staff for the second consecutive season, head coach Travis DeCuire told

The Griz will instead have graduate student managers pitch in with some of the duties performed by the director of operations, in addition to their managerial roles.

The director of operations is an administrative position that includes overseeing academics, arranging travel plans and working camps, among other things. The person in that position isn’t allowed to touch a basketball during practices, according to NCAA rules.

Student managers help the team at practices by setting up beforehand, pitching in during and cleaning up afterward, in addition to other duties on and off the court.

“It’s a little more bang for our buck,” DeCuire said. “Less on the expense end. Probably less in terms of experience. But more hands on deck and more help on and off the floor as opposed to only off the floor. It’s just way more versatility with those two positions. I think we can get a lot more done that way.”

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