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Meet Noah Wing — hard working DFO at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Throughout the season, Noah provides an inside look at the life of a D3 football Director of Football Operations. You can find all of Noah’s journal entries here.

contributed by Noah Wing

Just got to the halfway mark in the season and preparing for homecoming this weekend. An exciting time of year for any program with Alums coming back onto campus and the thought that the team can run the table down the stretch and make a run at a conference title.

This Month’s Agenda

  • Memorial Service for former head coach Mike Farley (1970-88) after the homecoming game (coachfarley.info)
    • Preparing game footage from his 19 seasons as head coach to be played during the event
    • Gathering physical materials (awards, notes, playbooks, photographs) from university archives to be displayed. This has been a massive undertaking as Coach Farley is the winningest coach in UW-River Falls history, with a career record of 117-71-3, having lead the Falcons to an unprecedented 8 Wisconsin State University Conference Championships!
  • Alumni Breakfast
  • Celebration of 1958, 1978, and 1998 championship teams (20, 40, and 60 year anniversaries)
  • Continuing game film breakdown of opponents
  • Managing practice and game film plans
  • Developing social media content to promote the brand
  • Running game day recruiting events
    • Facilities tours
    • Recruiting presentation by head coach Matt Walker
  • Finalizing and confirming details for our away games, hotels, meals, transportation, etc.
  • Working with players to ensure that they are on top of their academics
  • Facilitating game day experience (Military Appreciation, Breast Cancer Awareness, Coach to Cure MD games)
  • Gathering radio calls, sideline footage, coaches’ audio clips for archiving and use in media production
  • Start planning yearly fundraising events and looking at next year’s budget
  • Preparing travel itineraries for coaches’ recruiting trips (booking hotels, rental cars, flights)

It’s been a fun start to the year despite the record not showing our progress as a team. We are back on the road next week against UW-Whitewater.

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