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Equipment on its way. Check. Players and staff present and accounted for. Check. Plane and crew are on time. Check. Boarded. Check. Now its time to catch up on some to-do items and then a short nap. But…

A pilot and Mother Nature teamed up to make the Kent State football team’s trip to Ole Miss last weekend one members of the travel party will not soon forget.

The adventure started innocently enough early Friday afternoon, when the Golden Flashes’ plane at Akron-Canton Airport became stuck in the grass while headed toward the runway. Original reports indicated that some sort of mechanical issue caused the plane to go off the paved area, but that was not the case according to first-year KSU head coach Sean Lewis.

“Our pilot cut the corner a little bit too tight, and the right rear wheel ended up in the grass,” Lewis explained during his weekly press conference on Monday. “I was asleep. I get on a plane and I fall asleep. That’s what I do. I got nudged by Adam Young, our director of football operations. He told me we had run off the runway. At no point in time was anyone in any danger whatsoever.”

While officials considered whether to try to pull the plane out of the mud or send for a new plane, passengers sat idly on the grounded plane for about two hours. Eventually they de-planed, and a new plane was ordered — which wound up taking nearly four hours to arrive.

While waiting patiently for their new plane, the Flashes passed time in some memorable ways according to Lewis.

“Having a film session in a hangar in between two Learjets is a memory that those kids will never forget,” Lewis said. “We enjoyed some pizza, we had a film session, we relaxed. We played some road travel games … little things where you grow together and come together as a family. When you’re sitting six hours in a hangar together, you’re going to learn some things about one another.”

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