Is that job posting legit?

by Jack Warren, editor of

I received an email a short time ago from one of our readers. He was asking whether the job postings listed on this site and other sites are “legit”? What he was getting at — and a very legitimate question indeed — was whether the job postings from schools and other organizations are worth following up on or are they merely the organization’s way of complying with state or institutional guidelines? The answer is, yes…and yes.

Whether we’re talking about a school, the municipal water company, a Fortune 500 company, or a mom and pop dry cleaning establishment, those in the position of having a hole to fill generally know what kind of person they want. And in many situations, they already know who that person is. With the exception of very small, privately held companies, most often there are Human Resource-directed or state/federally mandated guidelines by which the hiring takes place. This means that almost anyone that does hiring has to jump through some hoops or check off certain boxes.

So does that mean that it’s not worth your time to apply for a position at a large public university in a distant state? No, not at all. First of all, you may get your name in front of people that could help you at some point in the future. Secondly, it is a great exercise (really). Lastly, you may actually get the job!

All that said, the best way to land a job is to be out ahead of the openings. Being proactive by building relationships and making your name known are great ways of insuring that you won’t be overlooked when the next position comes up. I’ll elaborate a bit more on that aspect of job searches next week.




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