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The behind the scenes story is always a compelling read. Check out what Brent Vernon is doing to ensure that Wyoming Football‘s trip to Hawaii is smooth and trouble free.

LARAMIE — Wyoming’s coaches and players are putting in their usual amount of preparation for their game at Hawaii, but if anybody’s going to give them a run for the most hours put in this week, it’s Brent Vernon.

As the assistant athletics director for football operations, Vernon is in charge of coordinating the team’s travel for road games, a process that’s always expedited when preparing to head off the mainland. For Vernon, that makes for more time planning — and stressing.

“As soon as everyone gets there and all their equipment is there, I’ll feel a lot of better,” Vernon said. “That’s for sure.”

The more lengthy trips within the conference usually involve a short flight and a semi-trailer truck that delivers the team’s equipment on site the day before the game, but the logistics are a little trickier with everything having to travel by air to Hawaii.

The equipment this week started on a truck, which Vernon said equipment manager J.D. Jordan and his staff began loading two weeks ago. Helmets didn’t make it on the truck since players needed them for the entire week of practice, but everything else was driven Tuesday night to Salt Lake City, where the equipment was loaded onto a cargo plane that will take it the rest of the way.

The helmets will fly with the team, which is leaving a day earlier than usual in order to try to get acclimated to the four-hour time change ahead of the 10 p.m. MT kickoff from Aloha Stadium on Saturday. Coaches and players will bus to Cheyenne today to catch their initial flight before making a brief stop in Los Angeles to refuel and continuing on to Honolulu. In all, the Cowboys will spend more than eight hours in the air.

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