Illinois State Football’s Alicia Mays balances work with pregnancy |

Being the Director of Football Operations at any school is hard enough in season (or out), but imagine doing it while you’re six months pregnant. Well, that’s what Alicia Mays (who also happens to be head coach Brock Spack’s daughter) is dealing with this fall.

NORMAL — The last flight of the Illinois State football regular season will drop the Redbirds off in Fargo, N.D., Friday afternoon for a Saturday meeting with No. 1-ranked North Dakota State.

If the Redbirds have to fly again, it will be for an FCS playoff game. ISU coach Brock Spack has decided he does not want his director of football operations, the person who plans all team travel, to be on that flight.

That’s because Spack’s operations director also is his daughter. And Alicia Mays is pregnant with her first child.

“She’s doing great. The baby is getting big,” Spack said. “Her mother (Aimee) and I are getting excited just thinking about it.”

Alicia and husband, Jon, are eagerly anticipating a Feb. 4 due date. “It’s a girl,” Alicia said.

Meanwhile, Mays is determined to do her job as best she can while also paying close attention to her health.

“These coaches have been helping me out so much. I couldn’t have done it without them,” she said. “I can’t complain.”

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