Georgia Tech fund-raising effort to add recruiting staff starting well |

A Georgia Tech graduate has challenged Yellow Jackets football fans to financially support a recruiting initiative, and the athletic department has been pleased by the response.

The graduate, who has chosen to remain anonymous, offered to put up $200,000 of his own money on a 50 percent matching-fund basis to be earmarked for the hiring of recruiting staff with a ceiling of $400,000. Despite a relatively limited publicity campaign, donors have cleared the $100,000 mark in about two weeks’ time, enough to give athletic director Todd Stansbury the confidence to proceed with a plan to increase the recruiting office by four.

“I feel really good about it,” Stansbury told the AJC last week. “At this point, it’s been kind of a somewhat quiet campaign and the response has been so strong that I think that we’re definitely going to get there and not leave any money on the table.”

The $600,000 total — $400,000 from donors matched at 50 percent by the anonymous donor – would cover the cost of four recruiting staff for the next two years. Increasing the recruiting office has been a goal of both Stansbury and coach Paul Johnson, something neither has been shy about emphasizing as a priority for Tech’s competitiveness.

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