Georgia State women’s basketball director of basketball operations Portia Benbow has a unique daily | Georgia State Signal

A great profile of the Director of Operations for the Georgia State University women’s basketball team from the school newspaper, the Georgia State Signal.

For Portia Benbow, every day is different.

As the director of basketball operations for the women’s basketball team, she is continuously working and on the move, trying to accomplish her next task.

Benbow does nearly everything (besides coach and play of course) on the court that makes the team run. But she still has a vital role to play in the success of the team because of everything she does off of the court.

“Every day is not the same, and that’s kind of what I like about my job,” Benbow said. “I do everything off the court so I’m in charge of the budget I’m in charge of the team and recruiting travel. I pretty much do everything except for coaching and recruiting.”

Benbow often has a lot on her plate, but in her short time here she has figured out how to manage it all.

“It does get challenging, but it’s nothing that I can’t handle,” Benbow said. “You have to be very organized, and you have to be a planner in this position, so if you are good at those two things, then you will be okay.”

She has always been around the game of basketball, having played at Jenkins High School, before going to Georgia Tech as a basketball manager. After two years at Georgia Tech, she transferred to Armstrong State where she would join the team. While she was at Armstrong State, Benbow was named a team captain.

She does miss playing college basketball from time to time, but one thing she doesn’t miss is waking up for practice or working out like she watches her players do on a daily basis.

Benbow became the director of basketball operations in May 2015, but before that she worked on a lot of things, including work with the Atlanta Falcons and Braves.

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