Frigid temperatures have impact on athletes, scheduling, and planning | The Bates Student

Weather has always had an impact on the best laid plans. This winter is no exception. An exceptionally cold winter has led to some necessary adjustments.

While training over winter break can be arduous at the best of times for Bates athletes, this year was especially harsh due to the bitter cold and treacherous weather that persisted in the latter half of the break. With temperatures consistently dropping into the single digits, often in addition to frigid wind chill and periodic snow, many teams had to adjust their schedules and adapt to the weather in order to train.

Predictably, some teams were affected by the weather more than others. Sports which necessitate outdoor activity, such as alpine ski, nordic ski, and the runners of the track team, felt the effect of the cold while training the most. Yet, perhaps surprising to some, indoor sports like basketball, squash and swimming and diving also had their own problems during this time, from minor inconveniences to uncomfortable training conditions.

Additionally, the hazardous weather made travel difficult for many of Bates’ athletic teams. From shoveling out vans to delayed flights, the mix of cold temperatures and snow consistently proved challenging for winter athletes.

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