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More and more high schools are recognizing the value of adding a staffer for operations. Here’s a Q&A with the Director of Operations for Buford (GA) High School Football from the Atlanta Journal and Constitution.

GHSF Daily is expanding its Four Questions feature this season beyond head coaches to other voices in high school football. Today’s interviewee is Buford director of football operations Justin Johnson, a math teacher who actually never played football himself. His title is a relatively new one at the high school level, but reflects the growing business and complexity of the sport in hotbed football states such as Georgia.

Justin Johnson, Buford director of football operations

1. What does your job entail and how did you get started? ”Man, where do I start. I’ve had the role for about nine years now, and it has definitely evolved. My basic responsibilities are handling any details/logistics that have nothing to do with what happens ‘on the grass.’ So, that includes everything from media, transportation, team meals, paperwork, scheduling, statistics, that coaches don’t want to deal with. I also handle all corporate sponsors and those relationships as well.

”Quick background on me: I’ve never put on a set of pads in my life. I was asked to come on staff with our football team by Jess Simpson back in 2005 and worked as ninth-grade line coach basically learning on the job. I was the ‘young single guy’ on the staff and was given a variety of responsibilities to take on and given an inside look at some of the day-to-day activities that Coach Simpson dealt with. In 2007 he asked me to move away from the field into a director-of-operations role. I was able to plan trips for our football team to play in Canton, Ohio [2007] and Dallas, Texas [2008] and I was hooked.”

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