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TC the jazz-singing Lyft driver, stopped in the front of the hotel. He raised his hand and said “You can’t get out in the middle of my scat. You might as well listen.”

Wichita State volleyball coaches Sean Carter and Brian Magbitang and broadcaster Mike Kennedy did as instructed. They listened to TC finish the improv portion of his song (“Moanin”) playing on the speakers.

It’s not to say there are no jazz-singing drivers for hire in Terre Haute or Cedar Falls. There almost certainly are none who can also recommend the best Philadelphia cheesesteak place, the one where he took his ex-wife on a first date.

If the American Athletic Conference plotted Wichita State’s first season with the goal of starting the Shockers off on a uniquely American path, well done.

WSU volleyball played the university’s first AAC competition on Friday at Temple, three miles from Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell and two from the steps movie boxer Rocky Balboa ran.

The 24th-ranked Shockers defeated Temple 3-1 (29-27, 19-25, 31-29, 25-15) in a match that started the American era in a raucous, dramatic manner inside 3,900-seat McGonigle Hall. A 70-person band blasted out fight songs and chanted “Go Owls”. Students, most dressed in “Cherry Out” shirts to rep the school colors, pounded plastic seat backs to add to the racket.

“It was fun,” Wichita State senior outside hitter Mikaela Raudsepp said. “The chairs are a great addition. Really annoying, but a great addition.”

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