Cayley Thurlby named Director of Operations for Cal Women’s Volleyball |

With a 2016 season that ended with a poor 9-21 record, the Bears will be looking to make some changes — and indeed they already have. The first major alteration to the program this season comes in the form of new head coach Matt McShane following the retirement of former head coach Rich Feller. McShane takes the reigns after having served as associate head coach last season and serving as an assistant from 2005-09 — which is all to say that he is quite familiar with both the program and the Pac-12, a Pac-12 that is looking particularly challenging this year.

McShane will have some more new help when it comes to molding a new playing style. He’s brought on Spencer McLachlin as assistant coach and Cayley Thurlby as director of operations. In 2016, McLachlin worked as a volunteer assistant coach for the UCLA men’s team — a team that went to the NCAA tournament. The addition of these two to the coaching staff signals an attempt to breath some life into the program, which has suffered from losing records every season since 2014.

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