California travel ban throws curveball at CSUB |

The California state legislature has thrown a curveball to college athletic departments around the state, including that of Cal State Bakersfield.

On Jan. 1, regulations in Assembly Bill 1887 went into effect that significantly curtailed state-sponsored travel to states with laws considered discriminatory by the California legislature.

Initially, the states were Kansas, North Carolina, Mississippi and Tennessee, but the list was later expanded to include Alabama, South Dakota, Texas and Kentucky. Because the CSU and UC systems are funded by the state, the travel ban includes university athletic departments, which must now use non-appropriated or external monies to fund travel to those eight states. The restriction applies only to travel expenses, and not to expenses like salaries.

As with many laws, however, there is a wide swathe of exceptions, including for contractual obligations pre-dating the ban. This means CSUB can still use state funds to play conference games against schools located in the banned states and for non-conference agreements made before Jan. 1.

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