Bradley’s Dee Davis writes book to help guide students through recruiting process |

Creative contributions are just a normal part of the life of your typical Director of Operations. Dee Davis, Director of Operations for Bradley Women’s Basketball draws upon her own experience as a collegiate basketball player to help other prospective college athletes cut their way through the recruiting process.

Dee Davis wrote the book on what high school athletes can expect as they go through the college recruiting process.


Davis, who is director of operations for the Bradley University women’s basketball team, has authored a guide for prospective college players.

Cleve In The Eve caught up with the former Vanderbilt star and WNBA guard in early December to talk about her “Player’s Guide to College Hoops.”

“I don’t want kids to go through the recruiting process and go to a school, and get a big reality check after they settle in there, and end up having to leave,” Davis said. “When I went through recruiting, I set goals that I was not willing to settle on. You have to do that.

“I’ve traveled this path. I can help.”

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