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Meet Noah Wing — hard working DFO at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Throughout the season, Noah provides an inside look at the life of a D3 football Director of Football Operations. You can find all of Noah’s journal entries here.

contributed by Noah Wing

Back on campus

Absolutely phenomenal to have our student-athletes back on campus this week!

Check-in week is always one of the most fun times of the year. Preparing the locker room for our student-athletes to return is a strong reminder that football is just around the corner.

Let’s get down to business

Last week’s agenda:

  • Ensure all compliance and medical paperwork is completed for incoming players
  • Set up for check-in day
  • Schedule photographer for player and coach head-shots
  • Train assistant coaches on all new filming equipment; drone and Hudl Sideline
  • Produce gameday visit graphics for recruiting
  • Continue to coordinate meals and hotels for our away games
  • Manage any changes to roster throughout first week of practice
Introducing the drone

Drone filming has changed how we practice, filming one angle from above has cut down our film upload time and given our coaches a better view of schemes and routes. The mechanics of timing and operation has posed some new challenges for us but the pros have greatly outweighed the cons. We’ve also had the opportunity to film some unique shots of our new athletics building, campus, and practice to be used in our graphic design and video production.

It took significant work with our Risk Management Department to obtain permission to fly the drone on campus, but again, the film is too good not to have put in the work to make it happen.

Recruiting ramping up

Recruiting has hit hard this week as well with game day visits right around the corner. It’s the busiest month of the year but we spent a lot of time in the spring preparing next year’s recruiting efforts so I still believe that we are ahead of schedule. We have six home games this season and getting recruits on campus for them may be more important this year than ever before. Our new athletic facility has been open for 12 months now; the $67 million complex has significantly changed how we recruit. It is essential for us to get recruits an opportunity to tour the whole facility while they are on campus for games. This has put more pressure on our staff on game days, but luckily we have a phenomenal group of student coaches this season who are planning on taking the lead with some of this.

Successful first week

Overall, check in day and the first week and a half of camp have been a major success. We can feel a strengthening of our culture and a closeness between our players that feels unique. Definitely gearing up for an exciting season!

Noah Wing is the Director of Football Operations at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. You can contact Noah at noah.wing [at] Follow Noah on Twitter at @CoachWingRF.

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  1. This is a great addition to publicity for the football program. I had heard drones were criticized by nearby neighbors and so info about them was helpful. Too bad this kind of info is not available for basketball, other sports.

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