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While you read stories every day of escalating salaries and increased staff sizes at the Power 5 schools, there are stories like this about people who just want to help. DeWayne Hunt is one of those guys. This local firefighter has pitched in to help the staff of the Naval Academy football program and has quickly found plenty of things to do.

Need help setting up for a recruiting reception in Ricketts Hall? Call DeWayne Hunt.

Looking for someone to break down opponent film and file a report? Give the job to Hunt.

Have some important errands to run around town and no time? Reach out to Hunt.

DeWayne Hunt has become an invaluable resource to the Navy football team as an all-purpose volunteer. The lifelong Annapolis resident is indulging his passion for college football while helping out the program he’s rooted for since boyhood.

“It’s like a dream that I’m living every day. I’m so thankful and feel very blessed to be a small part of Navy football,” Hunt said.

Hunt is entering his second season in the mostly undefined role, eagerly taking on whatever tasks the Navy coaching and support staff wants done. Hunt mostly works in the office assisting Director of Football Operations Brian Blick and Director of Player Personnel Omar Nelson.

Nelson, a former Navy football player who worked as a sales representative for a pharmaceutical company, said Hunt has been invaluable.

“I spent seven years in the active service and 12 years in corporate America and one thing I learned is it all starts with having good people that can get things done,” Nelson said.

“That describes DeWayne Hunt. Whatever task we assign, he gets it done. You don’t have to ask twice or do any kind of follow-up. You always know it’s going to get done and done right.”

“DeWayne is a real good person and a great man in our community. He wanted to come out and help and we’re more than willing to have him,” Niumatalolo said. “I’m really happy for DeWayne because he gets a kick out of being here.”

Per NCAA rules, Hunt is not allowed to perform any on-field duties. Frankly, most of his volunteer activities would be labeled “grunt work.”

“DeWayne is willing to do whatever we need, whether going to pick up Gatorade drinks or giving a potential recruit a campus tour. He is very humble in his approach,” Niumatalolo said. “DeWayne doesn’t have to do this. He’s got a career as a fireman. He comes and spends long hours after work doing what is kind of a thankless job.”

Initially, Hunt did not have any sort of formal role with the program. That changed after he kept showing up and helping out.

“For most of the first season I just sat back and watched. I went to every practice I could to observe and learn as much as possible,” Hunt said.

“I think Coach Niumat saw that I was eager and willing to do whatever needed to be done so he asked if I wanted to assist the support staff. Over time, I’ve been given more and more opportunities and responsibilities.”

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