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Yes! Another fine accounting of what it takes to make big time college athletic department fire on all cylinders. This article features Butler University men’s basketball student manager, Sam Sturtevant.

JOSHUA DOERING | SPORTS EDITOR | jdoering@butler.edu

The first time someone approached senior Sam Sturtevant about being a basketball manager, he was less than enthused about the idea.

“When you think about manager, you think about passing out water, wiping up sweat, carrying gear bags,” he said. “I was still only a 15-year-old kid. I was like, ‘What would my friends think?’”

After thinking it over for a couple weeks and talking with his parents, Sturtevant decided becoming a manager was the best path to the career in sports he knew he desired, even though he wasn’t exactly sure what he wanted it to look like.

When he did agree to take the job, Sturtevant asked if he could be called a “student assistant” instead of a “manager.”

Flash forward, and he is in his seventh year as a manager, first for three years at the high school level and now all four years at Butler. As a senior, he is one of two head managers for the team.

But before starting his managerial career, Sturtevant, originally from Plymouth, Indiana, played soccer and basketball as a freshman at La Lumiere High School.

Before Sturtevant’s sophomore year, head boys’ basketball coach Alan Huss asked him about the possibility of transitioning to a manager role. The previous manager was graduating, and the team needed someone to replace him.

Sturtevant, who described himself as “the hype guy” sitting at the end of the bench during his playing career at La Lumiere, loved his role on the team but agreed to take on the new role.

For the next three years, he traveled across the country — from Las Vegas to Florida — with a team that ended the 2014-15 season as MaxPreps’ top team in Indiana and won the 2017 Dick’s Sporting Goods National Championship.

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