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Here are some useful tips on transporting athletic equipment from Ted Winters at The Sports Daily.

As the old adage goes, the home team advantage can really make a difference. Most people attribute it to athletes being more comfortable on their own turf and the encouragement of local fans, but as any athlete who has hit the road for a competition knows, traveling with your gear can be a real hassle. And if equipment is damaged or compromised during transport, you could be at a disadvantage when game time comes around.

Whether you’re traveling with a youth club baseball team, a college football team or a professional ski team, there can be a lot of equipment of varying shapes, sizes and materials to safely transport.

Here are our top five best practices when it comes to traveling with athletic equipment.

1. Protect against the elements.

Humidity, dust, weather, extreme temperatures … there are a number of potentially damaging elements that could come in contact with your equipment during transport. And while many pieces of athletic gear are specifically engineered to take the heat (literally and figuratively), there are many that are delicate and susceptible to damage.

Fortunately, custom case manufacturers like Custom Case Group build cases that offer a wide range of protection against the elements. Depending on the sensitivities of your equipment, we’ll make sure that your case has all the protections you need (and none that you don’t).

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